Personal Training


Personal training is the best way to begin any new routine whether you are new at weight training or have just gotten off track. We will assess and determine your needs based on your current and/or previous physical activity, any injuries or medical conditions you have as well as what your goals are. Then, we will design a program customized for you! It is the best way to have accountability and to ensure you are doing exercises for your needs and goals in a safe manner with proper form. Monthly assessments to measure progress, use of the gym on non training days and nutrition counseling is also included.

Lana Cooksey has been my personal trainer for over a year. With her guidance I have become much stronger, more toned and more confident. My workouts have always included exercises that are varied and challenging. Lana really understands the proper way to work with women of my age and ability. She has been focused on helping me progress and reach my fitness goals. One of my goals was to lose 17 lbs. and thanks to her I have attained that goal and continue to maintain my weight loss. She has also become a valued friend.  -Sue Kulman


In less than one year, I lost 29 pounds, built muscle, and I am stronger now than I've ever been! I have more energy now than I could ever have imagined! Oh, and I am back to a size 2 ! This has all been made possible by my personal trainer, Lana. Lana's expertise in fitness, diet, and her caring nature has made this a life-changing experience for me! My dedication and hard work, instilled in me by Lana, has changed my life forever! My body is not the only thing that has changed in this transformation, now I am always happy, smiling, and enjoying every second of my day! I know that sounds corny, but it is actually true! Don't put off a healthy lifestyle, do something about it! I did! -Darlene Bedini


We have a variety of personal training packages to suit your goals and budget. Schedule your free health assessment today to go over all of your options.